Meat Cooking Techniques

There are different techniques used in cooking meat. The type of technique used largely depends on the type of meat. Some of the techniques include stewing, pressure cooking, boiling, braising. marination, brining, stir frying, roasting, pan frying, grilling, broiling, as well as barbecuing.

Braising: This is carried out by browning meat on every side with a heavy utensil. The meat is usually cooked at a low temperature with a little amount of water.  In some places, this method is called “fricassee”. Popular examples of braised meat include Swiss steak and Pot roast.


This cooking technique uses only steam produced from water that has past a temperature of 100C. Here, the food only makes contact with the steam. This technique has become very common because of its mot heat cooking, high heat, and fast cooking time.


This is the process of soaking meat in a seasoned liquid before cooking them. It’s not really a cooking method but a technique used before cooking the meat. This process is commonly used to add more flavors to foods or make tougher meat cuts softer.


This is similar to marination, but here, the meat is submerged in salt solution. The process is used to make meat tastier and juicier. The brining time depends on the size of the meat.


Stewing involves cutting meat into cubes or smaller pieces and cooking gently in a liquid that covers the meat completely. Tender meats are more suitable for this type of cooking method.


This technique is used when preparing large cuts of meat using a rack on an oven or oven-like material. Sometimes the meat is seasoned before they are roasted.


Broiling is a dry heat method whereby heat from electric coils or gas flames heats the top of the meat. It is usually used for tender meat cuts.


is another variation of broiling. Here, the meat is cooked on the grill using gas or charcoal flames as the heating source.


This involves browning the meat on either side using a small amount of fat. The meat is usually uncovered when cooking, as you need to turn the meat occasionally until it gets ready. Tender meat cuts are generally most suitable for this type of cooking.


Barbequing is a slow dry heat cooking process that goes on for several days. Here, the meat is grilled on rack or grid over coals, an open fire, or heated.

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